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Put reading first, with 20 minutes a day spent reading to your children. 
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If you read just 1 book a day, you will have read about 365 books in a year. That is 730 books in two years, and 1,095 books in just three years!

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Book Reviews
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Pete The Cat And His Magic Sunglasses
by James Dean

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“His sun glasses broke and cracked and the alligator was skating on two skate boards.”

Elephants Can't Jump
by Jeanne Willis

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“Elephant could never jump, but monkey and giraffe and lion could jump. A boy was down on a rock and elephant couldn’t jump so he couldn’t save the boy.”

Bats At The Beach
by Brian Lies

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“The bats were up at night time and they went to their beach. They didn’t go into the water. They just played with the marshmallow and sticks. They went to bed in their cave upside down at day time.”

I Had Trouble Getting To Solla Sollew
by Dr. Seuss

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“Some skrinks were trying trying to eat him and he made it to Solla Sollew.”

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