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The Enchanted
by Rene Denfeld

Excellent novel of redemption of many souls crossing paths in a death penalty prison. Denfeld is one of my new favorite authors!

The Lies That Bind
by Emily Giffin

I found the first half of the book slow and finally the second half of the story grabbed my attention. Interesting and a few surprises I never imagined.

by James Patterson

It was good I read the maximum ride series and this was a nice follow up the hawk character is just like max but with the attitude of fans I didn't much care for the kids she was caring for since they seemed to not have any good qualities and were kind of a drag overall though it had alot of action, drama, and some funny parts it kept me interested throughout the whole book and I'm excited for more of the series

Silver Girl
by Elin Hilderbrand

A very good book. I enjoyed reading and the story line was believable. A look at the other side of news.

Sweet Little Lies
by Jill Shalvis

Slow reading but a nice story. Kinda predictable at times.

A Radical Shift Of Gravity
by Nick Tapalansky

Nice reading and illustrations.

Exactly As You Are Mr Rogers
by Shea Tuttle

I have loved Mr Roger's Neighborhood since youth...favorite lesson-we must love our neighbors as we must love ourselves...JUST THE WAY WE ARE. Faith and Love are game changers for all of us!

Brink Road Poems
by A.R. Ammons

Scrambled, redundant poems. Did like a few less in-depth poems: THE QUICKEST WAY TO CJ

The Butterfly Girl
by Rene Denfeld

Page Turner, absorbing and palpable. Start to finish held-fast. Will definitely read more by this author

The Good Fight Danielle Steel
by Danieele Steele Books

Very interesting book with reference to the Nuremberg Trials following WW2. I am enjoying the story and history lessons. Inspiring story so far.
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